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Stream The Elementals today and watch this all new science fiction series about a superhuman race of people that are ordered to fight in an annual tournament organized by government leaders until they revolt and cause an uprising against the human race.

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What our fans say!

Are there other elementals that haven't been introduced yet? Love it!

Morgan E.March 14, 2022

For what these guys put together, it leaves it open ended. Definitely make more.

Andrés C.March 7, 2022

You guys, we want more of this!

Jake S.February 5, 2022

Dude, those moves are sick! This is literally fire!

Austin K.February 2, 2022

When the next release? Great stuff guys.

Andrea B.January 25, 2022

These guys knock it out of the park! Excitement and thrill throughout every moment.

KennyJanuary 12, 2022